Dear Inbound Student,

After the great success of the 2017-2018 Rotary Youth Exchange Program of District 4100, I welcome you, inbound students, district coordinators, YEO´s and host families, to start this new year 2018-2019. This RYE year promises to be full of excitement, knowledge and discoveries of new experiences. In the past year, the program has been running successfully in D4100 centered around our core values allowing us to host 49 inbound students from fourteen countries, such as Brazil. Belgium, Taiwan, Thailand, Holland, Germany, Poland, Denmark, Italy, Checz Republic, Finland, Hungary, France, and our neighbor the USA. Our students had been hosted by families nestled in BC, BCS, Sonora and Sinaloa. These states are geographically located along the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf de California

My name is Haru Thompson Navarro Chair of Rotary Youth Exchange Program in District 4100. I could not be happier than i am at this moment for working one more year with this amazing community-service oriented program.

I am a believer that once our youth engage in giving-back to the community, independence, confidence and maturity will be developed in them and hence become citizens of the world.

I am responsible for the program in our district, but due to the extended geographical territory, you will have a Zone Coordinator who will be able to help you with any situation, regardless of the simplicity or complexion of it, that cannot be solved at the club level with the help of your counselor and/or YEO; however, you are always welcome to contact me at any time if needed.

I encourage you to contact your host family as soon as possible, they are eager to meet their new son/daughter; by doing so, you will feel at ease ones you arrive to Mexico and confident that a new beginning in your life full of exciting experiences is about to start.

I am looking forward to finally meet all of you at our Induction Camp. I chose a place located South of Ensenada, towards the Ojos Negros road named “Rancho Agua Viva.” The campground is built along a natural creek and filled with huge oak creeks beginning on august 16th and ending on august 19th. All of the participants will have the opportunity to explore outdoor activities such as kayaking, zip line, swimming, make a fire and so on. Although, we will have a full-agenda of recreational activities, we need to get some work done, and will review our Program District Rules and other useful information

Looking forward to meet you soon,

Haru Thompson Navarro
RYE District Chair
D-4100 Rotary International